frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Students who are interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are welcome to join the competition.

No previous cryptocurrency knowledge required! We will provide the necessary material to help you navigate each part of the competition. Meanwhile, please refer to Zipmex’s Learn page to familiarize yourself with cryptocurrencies:

No, your trading strategy is entirely up to you. You will not be required to be on your computer all the time. You may, however, wish to coordinate with your teammates to discuss the trading strategies you will use and coordinate schedules.

No, you do not need to pay for any trading losses incurred! Your trading profit & loss will be displayed as a front-end figure.

The competition is open to both Undergraduates and Postgraduate students from any discipline, who are currently in university.

Each team must have 4 members.

You can use the competition Line Group or WeChat groups below to look for a teammate.

for APAC students

Line Open Chat - Find a Partner: scan below

Line Open Chat - Find a Partner
for non-APAC & Greater China students

WeChat - Find a Partner: scan below

WeChat - Find a Partner

Yes, of course!

Yes, you can!

Everything will be held online via Zoom.

Zipmex will create 1 account for your team for trading during the competition. Your team will be using this account throughout the competition. You will not need to create one for your team.

Yes, participants in the competition must register for an account on Zipmex personally. In particular, each team leader must register for a new account on Zipmex to pass KYC requirements in order to trade on Zipmex’s trading account by 29th April 2021. Other teammates are strongly encouraged to create accounts to pass KYC requirements by 2nd May 2021.

Note: Winners that did not pass KYC requirements will be unable to receive prizes.

Regulations state that trading platforms like Zipmex must know their customer. Therefore, any user on Zipmex’s platform must have their background checked to be legally able to trade on Zipmex.

Several users can log into the same account at the same time.