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2021 | APAC

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to trade cryptocurrencies?

Dive deeper into the world of trading digital assets with Zipmex

You’ll also get to learn the technical aspects of trading with Zipmex’s experienced cryptocurrency traders and exclusive chats with the executive team during panel discussions and ‘fireside’ chats.

  • Get all the answers to your questions with Zipmex’s first-ever trading competition.
  • Trade cryptocurrencies with US$10,000.
  • The grand prize? 100% of your trading gains.

Competition Details

29 April 2021 – 2 May 2021

10.30 - 11.00 (GMT+7)

Note: The trading period for this competition is 48 hours

Students with all trading levels are encouraged to apply.

competition format

Competition Format

  • This competition will be held entirely online via Zoom. There will be only one round of competition.
  • Each participating team will be given 48 hours to trade any of the 16 tokens on the Zipmex exchange platform.
  • Each team will have access to one trading account and US$10,000 be deposited into each team account for trading.
  • Top 3 teams with the highest trading profit will be selected as winners of the competition.
  • The top 3 teams will be invited to do a 10-15 presentation of their trading strategy & technical analysis to a panel of judges, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

Competition Schedule


Day 1 

29th April 2021

  • 10.30 - 11.00 (GMT+7): Commencement of Zipmex Trading Competition.
  • 11.00 - 24.00 (GMT+7): Teams begin trading


Day 2 

30th April 2021

  • Entire day: Trading continues


Day 3 

1st May 2021

  • 11.00 (GMT+7): End of trading competition
  • 11.30 (GMT+7): Top 3 teams with highest P&L announced
  • 11.45 (GMT+7) - onwards: Top 3 prepare for “Trading Strategy Pitch” presentation to panelists


Day 4 

2nd May 2021

  • 9.30 - 11:00 (GMT+7): Closing ceremony and Strategy Pitch
competition format

Team Format

4 persons in a team

4 persons in a team

30 teams max

30 teams max

Best teams chosen

Best teams chosen

Description :

  • Each team must have a total of 4 members.
  • There will be a maximum total of 30 participating teams. Team members can be from different universities and different departments. (i.e. Chula BBA 2 members, Thammasat BBA 2 members).
  • Registration alone does not guarantee a place in the competition. Zipmex will filter and select 30 teams.
  • If you are looking for a team member, please register first and join our Line Open Chat/We Chat ‘Find a partner’ groups below.


Place taken by TeamPrizes
1st100% of team’s trading gains in USDT
2nd50% of team’s trading gains in USDT
3rd25% of team’s trading gains in USDT

Exclusive Networking Opportunity : Top team winners will also get the chance to have 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with our panelists.

Internship & Job Opportunity : Each member of the top 3 teams will be accelerated to the final round interview with Zipmex.

  • Sophomores and Juniors will be eligible for Zipmex’s internship program.
  • Final year students will be eligible to interview for Zipmex’s full-time positions.

* Winners will receive their prizes within a week of the competition’s end date.

competition format

How to Register?

Individual Registration

To enter the competition, interested participants must register individually through this Google form.

Team Registration

Once you have a full team of 4, proceed to fill in team details on this Google sheet with the names + emails + schools of each member.

Competition Eligibility: Please fill in the Google team form with names, emails, personal details, and resumes of your team members to be considered for the competition. To be eligible for the competition, you must sign up both the Google form and Google sheet. If you do not have a team member, please use the Line group or Wechat group below to find team members.


Yuta KatoYuta Kato

Senior Trader

Akalarp YimwilaiAkalarp Yimwilai

CEO Thailand and Co-Founder

Aekkarat SrisupavichakitAekkarat Srisupavichakit

Head of Risk Management Thailand

Guest Panelists

Kelvin LamKelvin Lam

Managing Director

Proud LimpongpanProud Limpongpan

Chief Strategy Officer

Important Dates

April 22nd


Cut-off date for applications

April 25th


Selected teams announced

April 29th


Commencement of trading competition

May 1st


Trading competition ends

May 2nd


Closing ceremony & pitch


  • The trading competition is open to both undergraduates and postgraduate (Masters degree) students from any discipline, currently studying in university.
  • If you are a postgraduate student, you must currently be enrolled and pursuing a higher degree at a university.
  • Only students aged 18 and above can apply, due to trading restrictions under Thai law.

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Line Open Chat

Line Open Chat

Wechat Group

Wechat Group